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     More Than Photography Studio turns to the works created by integrating the unique innovation and inspiration with the exquisite technical cooperation bwteen the team and photographers.  In the works, there’s not only the unique thought on art of our team, and also the patience, carefulness and passion we paid, never had by others,  to works. We refuse mediocre ideas, so we write the faith in the depth of each one in the team and strictly require it to be perfectly realized in each work. 
     We have professional photographic equipments, including  Sony Carl Zeiss lens, Canon L lens , etc, never allowing any moment lost because of the equipment. We accpet  Engagement, wedding, interior and outdoor portrait photography, underwater portrait photography, various activities, public raltion photography, etc.
      Our works are all equipped with our own distinctive style. We will never, like many other photography studios, mechanically produce photos, but  create photography works with our  passion and inspiration and focus on treating your ideas more humanistically.
       In such an era, everyone has iphone and can afford DSLR cameras and more and more people think it’s simple and cheap  to photograph, however , the real photography never becomes simple. The so called real photography work is an artistic work worthy hung on the wall in your house, an artwork with value just like an oil painting, the result of an photographer’s originality and an artistic work created by the effort together made by people supporting behind.

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